About the project

INCODE: Intelligent Collaborative Deployments

The INCODE project aims at innovating and creating a wide-open, secure and trusted IoT-to-edge- to-cloud compute continuum that will realize the true potentials of edge intelligence. 

To this aim, the INCODE (INtelligent COllaborative DEployments) project will design and develop an open platform for the deployment and dynamic management of end-user applications, over distributed, heterogeneous and trusted IoT-Edge node infrastructures, with enhanced programmability features and tools. The platform will do so by implementing innovative design approaches  and will constitute a fully-integrated infrastructure under the cloud–managed INCODE architecture. 

INCODE will contribute to the wider scope of reinforcing Europe’s position in the market of next generation smart systems (sensors and devices) integrated in an evolving Internet of Things and cyber-physical ecosystems with strong capacities at the edge.

Project Objectives

Design and implement a highly scalable infrastructure management layer (IML).
Develop a robust and scalable application and business programmability stratum (ABPS) to manage a large number of geo-distributed instances.
Design and implement an open and extensible programming toolset to facilitate the development and management of highly efficient applications on edge-connected nodes.
Develop a trusted, interoperable, scalable, and secure framework for data distribution and IoT.
Deploy a reference cloud-managed testbed integrating open best-of-breed data plane technologies with edge computing capacity wired interconnected IoT systems.

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