Webinar Report and Recording: Advancements in Swarm Systems at the EUCloudEdgeIoT RIA Showcase

In case you missed it, or you want to revisit the discussions, the report and video recording of the “EUCloudEdgeIoT.eu RIA Showcase” webinar is now available on the EUCloudEdgeIoT website. This event, co-organized by the projects TaRDIS and Programming Platform for Intelligent Collaborative Deployments over Heterogeneous Edge-IoT Environments (formerly INCODE), featured advancements and challenges in the 5 Horizon Europe projects (i.e. together with OASEES, SMARTEDGE and OpenSwarm) working on the Cloud-Edge-IoT Computing Continuum.

The report includes the major themes discussed in the session, where experts the five projects shared their insights on swarm computing and its applications.

For those who missed the live session, the webinar recording is also available for rewatching.