Meet the Consortium: FIWARE


Empowering Innovation: Unleashing the Value of Data with FIWARE

FIWARE Foundation, a collaborative force, is dedicated to advancing the adoption of its standards and driving innovation through its extensive Community. With 645 members, 40 FIWARE iHubs, and 60 impactful global stories, FIWARE actively collaborates on the INCODE project, leveraging its open-source platform to maximize its impact. The Foundation’s specialization in Context Information Management significantly contributes to the INCODE platform, which focuses on secure, interoperable data exchanges and the development of a continuum from IoT to edge to cloud computing. 

What is your organization’s role in the project? What unique contribution does it bring to the team? 

A cornerstone of our contribution is implementing the NGSI-LD API standard by the ETSI ISG CIM group. This standard allows for the provision, consumption, and subscription of context information in diverse scenarios involving multiple stakeholders. Context information is modelled as “digital twins” attributes that represent real-world entities, enhancing real-time data interactions and decision-making processes. 

FIWARE’s Data Models are not just crucial, they are transformative, ensuring interoperability across various systems and industries, and offering a unified framework for data representation and exchange. Our Smart Data Models program is not just setting a universal standard for data interoperability, it is paving the way for a future where data can be seamlessly shared and utilized across different sectors. 

One notable innovation within FIWARE’s technology stack is Canis Major, which employs blockchain technology to ensure data provenance and integrity. This tool records each data modification on the blockchain, providing a transparent and immutable transaction history that enhances data authenticity and lifecycle management, which is crucial for critical analyses and decision-making. 

Additionally, FIWARE’s security solutions are anchored in a Decentralized Identity Management Framework that aligns with the eIDAS2 regulation. This framework supports authentication, authorization, and verification processes and is compatible with Verifiable Credentials using OIDC4VP and OIDC4VCI standards alongside an EBSI-compatible Trust Anchor Framework. This comprehensive security infrastructure underpins smart platform data and service access, ensuring robust data protection and privacy. 

Why is this project important for your organization?  

The INCODE project is vital for FIWARE as it aligns with our mission to unlock data’s full potential and enhance our capabilities in IoT, Edge, and Cloud technologies. This project not only furthers our technical expertise but also fosters collaboration with partners, contributing to the evolution of the ETSI ISG CIM standards and expanding our influence in the context broker federation context.

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