Utilities inspection

The objective of Application Area 2 is to create of a prototype digital HV substation.

The concept


Edge node: under-the-hood

  • Advanced data analytics apps for  critical infrastructure monitoring and physical assets inspection
  • Novel computer vision algorithms, it is now possible to bring intelligence at the edge


  • IPTO (HV substation facilities, access to industrial data & equipment)
  • UoP Patras5G testbed (edge-cloud infrastructure, 5G connectivity, hosting of applications)
  • Technologies/assets involved: High-frequency IoT & industrial sensors, legacy metering equipment, cameras, applications for analytics, predictive maintenance, intruder detection, smart time-scheduling of field works, blockchain, cloud support, programmability features and registration

INCODE aims to showcase…

  • How to  provide advanced industrial services on top of critical infrastructure through a super-slice among core & edge services
  • Collection of industrial data from both legacy and new IoT sensing devices
  • A deployment over diverse infrastructures (incl. ORAN, P4, 5GC)
  • Programmable application features over IoT nodes
  • Time/event triggered apps (e.g., in case of intruder detection)

… so as deliver the following values:

  • Improvement of preventive maintenance activities
  • Improvement of failure precautions
  • Improvement of safety of assets and personnel
  • Improvement of application interoperability

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