The objective of Application Area 1 is to evaluate scenarios for smart logistics at terminal stations through application-level programmability.

The concept


Edge node: under-the-hood

  • Advanced analytics apps. for  optimised scheduling & allocation of resources
  • Programmability for users to set priorities for special cases/AI-assisted scheduling/scheduled maintenance


  • UoP (University of Patras) 5G/IoT Testbed (hosts edge analytics, O-RAN infrastructure connectivity to the tracks, forklifts & the workers)
  • Technologies/assets involved: OBUs and testing vehicles, applications for forklifts collision avoidance, vehicle route planning and logistics optimization, analytics, scheduling optimisers, blockchain, cloud support applications, programmability features and registration

INCODE aims to showcase…

  • How to  provide optimised services across the value chain through a super-slice among core & edge services
  • A deployment over diverse infrastructures (incl. ORAN, P4, 5GC)
  • How to enable a trusted framework (IoT attestation, drivers’ verification)
  • Rules definition for optimised user-guided application deployment
  • Programmable application features over IoT nodes
  • Time/event triggered apps (e.g., at time of vehicle arrival)

… so as deliver the following values:

  • Optimal allocation of human and vehicle resources
  • Safe working environment & product mishandling prevention
  • Optimal tasks identification based on position and operator needs
  • Product quality assurance certifications or warnings

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