Worker assistance

Incode Use Case | SMART worker assistant

The objective is to achieve effective management and improving adaptive human-machine interaction in smart factories while boosting healthy operators.

The concept

Edge node: under-the-hood

  • Real time investigation for safer and healthier operators
  • Detect variable indicating a situation of risk or hazard for the operatorAna
  • Monitoring of biometric data and cognitive stress


  • MADE COMPETENCE CENTER I4.0​ (Digital backbone, Operator 4.0, IoT Smart Connected Product, 5G O-RAN environment)
  • Technologies/assets involved: collaborative robots, exoskeleton, wearable technologies, cloud infrastructure

INCODE aims to showcase…

  • Deployment of multiple IoT nodes serving as sensor​ gateways with enhanced on board processing​
  • Registration of operator status data (biometric, fatigue, cognitive stress)
  • Multiple optimized applications over common IoT-edge​
  • Demonstrate real-time actions through collaborative​ edge-IoT nodes​
  • Demonstrate advanced monitoring capabilities​

… so as deliver the following values:

  • Introduction of actions triggered by vital signs that can detect and optimized workers’ position based on production floor operational needs
  • Safe working environment  due to accidents monitored and prevented
  • Improved labor efficiency due to better informed and​ directed workers
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness due to increased operator wellbeing