A Deep Dive Into INCODE’s Application Areas: Smart Logistics

This article is part of a series of deep dives into INCODE’s application areas. Today we start with Application Area 1, which focuses on smart logistics.

Introduction and Use Cases

INCODE’s Application Area 1 specifically addresses the logistics and transport quality value chain. Under the lead of iLink, Arhs Developments, Suite5, the University of Patras, and Uni Systems are designing, developing, and implementing software components aimed at providing robust solutions for more productive and safer working environments.

To this end, two Use Cases (UCs) have been designed, covering both internal and external logistics scenarios. The first UC contributes significantly to the spread of industrial safety by using ultra-wideband technology for real-time management of assets such as workers, forklifts and packages. On the other hand, the second UC, which covers the external logistics scenario, addresses fleet and cargo management by establishing high-end algorithmic processes for route optimisation and IoT sensors for monitoring and evaluating loaded cargo. In addition, iLink is responsible for the acquisition, installation and configuration of the hardware for the UCs described, which will be responsible for data collection.

Main challenges

The work plan for Application Area 1 include the definition of key elements such as the software and hardware architecture, the choice of technologies to be used and extensive research into existing solutions. Exploiting the full capabilities of the INCODE platform and maximising the performance of each software and hardware component is probably the most challenging aspect. To face these challenges, INCODE offers a diverse pool of partners with high domain expertise, which provides the basis for further knowledge acquisition and experimentation with more technologies and concepts, including Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.  

INCODE unique contribution

The INCODE project acts as an enabler for scalable and secure applications by providing a cloud infrastructure capable of hosting and orchestrating multiple network and software components. The IoT-edge-cloud continuum provides a sophisticated architecture with edge and far-edge computing capabilities, while leveraging the significant value of 5G technology. In addition, the flow of data is compliant with privacy and data protection standards. In summary, the INCODE platform will provide a toolset of various components such as internal developer platform, code accelerators, blockchain initiatives, secure databases, drivers and many other elements that will significantly support the successful deployment of the onboarded applications.

Find out more about the Application Area 1 in the dedicate website page.

INCODE's Application Areas: Smart Logistics