Meet the Consortium: iLINK 


iLink is an innovative Software company in the field of IoT with a strong background in Software Telematics Solutions. It was established in 2005, and its portfolio enumerates more than 1000 enterprises in the private and public sectors in SE Europe. iLink research and development department has produced robust and mature solutions in the field of Fleet Telematics, Smart Logistics, and Enterprise Mobile Applications. The R&D department of iLink deals with research in the field of Genetic Algorithms related to Smart Logistics, IoT & Big Data Analytics related to its Fleet Management Solutions, and Blockchain related to the long-term target of building strong and transparent consortiums for several industrial sectors. The R&D department has applied a huge effort in implementing analytic route optimization algorithms following global standards and principles in the field of VRP (Vehicle Routing Problem) and mTSP (multiple Traveling Salesmen Problem) algorithms. 

What is your organization’s role in the project? What unique contribution does it bring to the team? 

iLink is dynamically shifting towards new R&D concepts through its participation in diverse IA & RIA EU projects. Specifically, iLink is a UC owner and leader in Application Area 1 of the INCODE project, which focuses on the “Logistics and transport quality value chain”. In this context, iLink is responsible for designing and deploying individual UCs and, more importantly, coordinating the whole Application Area 1. 

Why is this project important for your organization?  

This project can significantly contribute to iLink’s goals and vision. As an expert in logistics, telematics, and supply chain networks, this project provides a great opportunity to explore new technologies, methodologies, software, and hardware architectures. The diverse consortium can provide valuable discussions, ideas, and interaction. Additionally, iLink’s growing interest in blockchain and ESG initiatives, sustainable services, and remote sensing is crucial in participating in such RIA projects that offer great prospects for expanding the company’s expertise. Finally, the company’s employees involved with the project gain major benefits and knowledge that adds to their personal skillset while raising the company’s competitiveness at the same time.   

Who are the key people involved?  

  • Panagiotis Zikos, Co-founder, Dipl. ECE Eng. NTUA, MBA, MSc CMU, MIT Blockchain, ITS BoD 
  • Stathis Vlachos, Co-founder, Dipl. ECE Eng. NTUA, MSc, DIC 
  • George Tsironis, EU Projects Coordinator 
  • Alexandra Palivakou, Operations Manager 
  • Nikos Thomadakis, Senior System Engineer – Team Leader 
  • Vagelis Kitsoulis, Senior Front-End Software Engineer – Team Leader 
  • Grigoris Paschalides, Senior Software Engineer