Meet the Consortium: Uni Systems

Uni Systems is one of the most reliable European Information and Communication Technology companies that delivers a wide range of products and services, helping its customers adapt and excel in a rapidly changing and challenging business environment. For more than half a century, Uni Systems remains a strategic partner to financial institutions, public organizations, telecom operators, enterprises and institutions in the European region. It has a proven track record of successful large scale, complex and critical ICT projects in more than 26 countries through its business entities in Athens, Brussels, Bucharest, Luxembourg, Milan and Barcelona. 

The company invests in innovation and breakthrough technologies with an established Research and Innovation (RDI) Unit. The RDI Unit keeps the Group abreast of the technological development with participation in significant research activities. Under this mission and objectives one main and very important RDI activity is to make innovation ideas reality through Horizon projects. 

What is your organization’s role in the project? What unique contribution do you bring to the team?  

Uni Systems is a well-established and reputable IT services provider with extensive experience in EU research activities. Therefore, Uni Systems in INCODE is responsible for the project coordination and framework integration for the infrastructure and application layers through well-established CI/CD processes. 

Why is this project important for your organization?   

Uni Systems expects to be benefited in several aspects from its participation in INCODE project. UniSystems envisions an enhancement of its expertise as software / infrastructure integrator in Cyber Security Area & IOT. We believe that through INCODE project we will strengthen our solutions and services portfolio that includes infrastructure modernization & redesign, DevOps automation, IT security and Blockchain technology from EU Agents. By exploring new technologies and techniques, Uni Systems is confident that will differentiate itself from competitors and stay ahead of market trends. At the same time, INCODE will provide opportunities for employees to develop new skills and knowledge. 

Who are the key people involved?  

On the part of Uni Systems, Lina Giannakandropoulou, Ph.D., Research Projects and Delivery Manager, will be INCODE’s Project Coordinator, who will be assisted in her day-to-day project management duties by her colleague John Avramidis. At the same time, the Uni Systems technical research team will undertake all tasks related to the integration. 

Lina Giannakandropoulou and John Avramidis