INCODE Project Kicks-Off: Partners come together in Athens to unlock the real potential of edge intelligence

The emergence of cloud-computing, coupled with the shift of processing intelligence towards the very network edge has lowered the bar for private edge use at scale. However, the approach of simply increasing the capacity at the edge does not unlock the full promise of edge computing systems.  

For this reason, in stark contrast to the edge computing status quo, the INCODE project aims at innovating and creating a wide-open, secure and trusted IoT-to-edge- to-cloud compute continuum that will realize the true potentials of edge intelligence. 

To this aim, the INCODE (Intelligent Collaborative Deployments) project will design and develop an open platform for the deployment and dynamic management of end-user applications, over distributed, heterogeneous and trusted IoT-Edge node infrastructures, with enhanced programmability features and tools. The platform will do so by implementing innovative design approaches  and will constitute a fully-integrated infrastructure under the cloud–managed INCODE architecture. 

INCODE will contribute to the wider scope of reinforcing Europe’s position in the market of next generation smart systems (sensors and devices) integrated in an evolving Internet of Things and cyber-physical ecosystems with strong capacities at the edge. 


Who’s in? 

The INCODE consortium is composed of a varied array of ICT industries, SMEs and Academia representatives that will bring unique and valuable contributions to enable the project’s open and trusted cloud-native programming platforms. 

Managed by leading system integrator Uni Systems, partners include top system solutions providers, namely Red Hat, NEC Labs Europe and FIWARE; influential service and user industries, namely Siemens, MADE, and IPTO; four dynamic SMEs working on innovative software solution providers, namely, Ubitech, K3Y, Agents Cape, and Axon Logic; four avant-garde developers SMEs focused on end user service solutions, namely Suite 5, iLink, Arηs Developments Hellas, and Martel Innovate; and top-ranking academia and research institutions, namely the University of West Scotland, University of Patras, Politecnico di Milano and the University of Manchester.  

The work officially started on January 1st 2023 and all partners met at the Kick-Off meeting held in Athens on February 1-2. The team is looking forward to working together and taking forward the INCODE ambitions and substantially elevate the programmability across the entire IoT-to-edge-to-core ecosystem.